SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 23, 2020 — SIPOS, the manufacturer of interior films, has recently launched a new fabric interior film called Veilish. Veilish is a self-adhesive and printable fabric film that can be applied on windows for privacy purposes. It is much easier to apply than widely used films made of plastic. Furthermore, it is made of environmentally friendly materials and satisfies both privacy and interior requirements which makes it popular globally. Veilish


The ease of both installation and removal is the biggest advantage of Veilish fabric film for windows. Air bubbles forming during application were the main issue of all PVC-vinyl films that were widely used in the past. However, as Veilish is made of fabric, it completely prevents air bubble formation. Furthermore, it can be cut into desired shapes and sizes and used like a sticker. It adheres strongly to the surface but does not leave any residue after removal. Thanks to the simple method of application, there is no need for using a professional installer, and since it can be easily used by anyone, the user’s level of satisfaction is high.

Veilish also allows for a wide range of applications in terms of design. It is a fabric giving a natural feeling that can create not only luxurious interiors, but as it is printable, it allows anyone to create their desired patterns. Veilish interior film has obtained HP Latex certification and is compatible with HP Latex printers. In addition to HP Latex, it can be printed with solvent, UV, and offset inks making it possible to freely create any design you want.

SIPOS, the brand that developed Veilish, aims for a corporate value of the challenge to add uniqueness to your surroundings under “Dress Your Space” motto. Parker, the director of Sipos said, “As seen from the company’s motto, our customers are able to both protect their privacy and being creative while using our newest product Veilish” and added “Veilish’s goal is to help people of all ages create their own designs to dress up their space in the most convenient way”. Veilish has received enthusiastic reviews globally and is actively being sold all over the world.

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