MICE Interaction Data Collection Trial – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For selected attendees and exhibitors

This trial serves to gather insights on on-site engagement of delegates at business events. This will go towards supporting event organisers as well as venue operators in gathering useful data that can drive higher delegate engagement and deliver better experiences for attendees to a business event.

If you receive any queries from media or event attendees, please direct them to [email protected] and refrain from sharing detailed information about the trial.

A selection of attendees and exhibitors has been identified to participate in this trial to test out the protocols as well as to determine the usefulness of the data collected.

Exhibitors with varying booth sizes and mix of products have been identified to participate in the trial as well.


Upon arrival, selected attendees should proceed to the Registration Help Desk. Here, you will receive your lanyard and attendee badge. Please proceed to the adjacent token collection desk to collect your token and keep it attached to your lanyard for the duration spent at FLAsia.


When leaving the FLAsia event for the day, please return the token at the counter situated at the single exit of the event hall. Upon return of the token, you will receive a goodie bag with specially curated gifts sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board.

The token collects proximity data as well as duration through Bluetooth signals sent between attendee and exhibitor tokens as well as sensors placed in the identified floor space to create trackable zones.

To protect privacy and business confidentiality, all data will be anonymised and there is no personal data used in this trial.