Catherine Goh

General Manager, Santan Restaurant

A fun, living life to the fullest, yet no-nonsense individual who makes things happen! A high achiever, who does not take no for an answer. Value high work ethics. Expert in turning around and building new businesses at regional level within the shortest timeline possible. Specialise in cost saving and resources maximisation for better profitability; not limited to capex, opex, and marketing cost. Huge believer in talent management in delivering superb results. Groom, motivate, inspire, empower and supervise team members to ensure business visions and strategies are aligned and achieved. Hence, business sustainability will fall in place.

Key achievements at Santan:

  • Obtained franchise license within first 7 months of operation (usual industry standard would take approximately 3 years)
  • Within 5 months, opened 10 franchise restaurants, all stores expansion during Covid-19
  • Pivoted the business during pandemic and revenue increased by 107% from pre-covid
  • Reduced rental and overhead cost by 50% MoM
  • Domestic and oversea expansion ongoing, target to open 396 stores in 10 countries by 2025


Nov 25, 13.50 PM - Panel Discussion: Transforming the Next-Gen Restaurant Franchise with Cloud Kitchens