Gerhard Lanyi

Director, Brotzeit

After graduating from universities in Austria and the U.S. in 2003, Gerhard Lanyi soon made his way to Singapore to pursue a career in the local Food & Beverage industry.

Over the following 19 years, Gerhard managed, owned, and scaled numerous hospitality companies and projects in Singapore, Vietnam and China. Highly ‘visible’ projects produced under the ‘Uniquely Singapore’ banner of STB such as the black-tie dinner theatre ‘The Crystal Mirror’ that premiered at the ‘Padang’ in 2007, or ‘Aqua by Grandstand’, a multi-story container bar that toured the city and shaped the term ‘pop-up retail’ internationally made him a lasting name in the industry.

Today, Gerhard, 43, spearheads the international development of the established German Restaurant brand ‘Brotzeit’, operating outlets in Australia, Singapore, HK, China and the Philippines, that he’s followed and loved for its authentic German/Austrian cuisine since 2006.


Nov 25, 13.00 PM - Panel Discussion: Restaurant Innovation During Disruptive Times