Heikal Yusope

Deputy CEO, Kidz Treehouse

A transformational leader, an innovator and a visionary, Heikal brings with him over 18 years of experience in strategic planning and execution, partnership building, organisational as well as digital transformation, change management and business development, specifically in the domains of Curriculum Development & Delivery, Professional Development & Training, Education Management, Education Innovation & Technology (EdTech) and Education Business Development.

Heikal has successfully led large teams in leading and managing change in business organisations; involved in curriculum innovation work, having achieved over 95% success rate from students’ and trainees’ academic/training performance; and had improved business performance of training organisations by more than 40%.  Due to his excellence in Training, Innovation & Educational Development, he has been engaged by regional organisations and universities to deliver keynote speeches and conduct organisational transformation workshops in the ASEAN region.

Heikal is passionate about helping people and organisations achieve their optimal potential via positive change, believing that everyone can become better versions of themselves if they possess the right motivation, grit and a positive mindset; and work hard enough in wanting to realise their goals and aspirations in transforming themselves to meet the demands of the future.


Nov 26, 13.25 PM - Panel Discussion: Education Franchises Rising to the Challenge of the New Normal