Kent Teo

CEO & Founder

Company: Invade

Kent Teo is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Invade, a creative space activation company. 

He is an experienced founder and a strong professional entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) specialising in Economics and Business Management from the Singapore Institute of Management. Kent is skilled in Entrepreneurship, Conceptualisation & Event Execution and has successfully developed lifestyle brands such as Artbox, Shilin, Fleawhere, and MOX (co-making space for the creative community). 
Invade's vision is to create spaces of potential, and is a place-making business capable of activating interesting concepts and IPs for various spaces. 

Since 2010, Invade has built a strong regional ecosystem of 40,000 retail startups, and F&B concepts and worked with over 200 landlords. Ultimately, Invade shall provide events as a service and retail as a service to the extensive ecosystem. With over 9 years of experience in events and retail management, and collaborations spanning across Southeast Asia, Kent and his team have developed successful IP brands under the Invade umbrella including:
Fleawhere: Largest flea market brand in Singapore advocating the thrifting movement. 
• Makers’ Market: Boutique artisan makers’ marketplace with participation from regional craftsmen 
Artbox: Largest outdoor creative night market concept in Southeast Asia 
Shilin: Creative Taiwanese night market 
• MOX: Singapore and Malaysia's first and largest co-making space for the creative community to co-work, co-make and collaborate 
Tapping on his prior events and operations management expertise, Kent is responsible for the conceptualisation and execution of the above-mentioned brands. Kent holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Economics. from the University of London. 


18 Aug, 14.05 PM - Panel Discussion: Finding the Best Premises and Successful Lease Negotiation Strategies for Franchise Businesses