Michael Liew

Council Member, Malaysian Retail Chain Association & Business Director, MarryBrown

In his capacity as a Business Director at MarryBrown, he is tasked to manage its corporate stores, transforming it from 18-store units to a 42-store unit. Michael is successful in achieving revenue, profit and business growth within turnaround period of 1.5 years and provided confidence to stakeholders. Michael worked with company founders on business strategy and structural improvement as franchisors, to better improve system for serving franchisees, stakeholders and customers, increasing market share and brand presence. Michael was appointed to establish word wide franchise program, build overseas market and manage global team. He has led and motivated local and worldwide teams comprising of more than 1,500 employees and managed P/L for business divisions exceeding $500 million revenue. Michael Liew is a Council Member of Malaysian Retail Chain Association.


Nov 26, 11.45 AM - Panel Discussion: Franchising Outlook & Opportunities in Malaysia