Sanjey Chandran

Director of Corporate Strategy & Business Development

Company: Modern Montessori International

Sanjey, an accomplished entrepreneur hailing from Singapore, thrives in dynamic environments that tackle significant challenges and drive innovative solutions. As the Director of Business Development at Modern Montessori International, his primary focus is on spearheading the growth of the preschool business through franchising.

With an unwavering passion for the education sector, Sanjey has successfully fostered expansion into new markets by establishing Joint centres and implementing effective franchising strategies. His expertise lies in identifying opportunities and leveraging them to create mutually beneficial partnerships that drive business growth and impact communities.

Equipped with a Master's degree in finance from the prestigious Australian Graduate School of Management in Sydney, Sanjey brings a unique blend of financial acumen and strategic vision to the table. He combines his comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape with a deep education industry knowledge to devise sustainable growth plans and maximize profitability.

Sanjey's unwavering dedication to creating positive change through quality education makes him an exceptional leader in the preschool sector. His forward-thinking mindset, coupled with his ability to identify and address critical issues, enables him to drive success and make a lasting impact on both the business and the lives of young learners.



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