Sary Hamway

Founder & CEO, The Franchise Trainer

Known by many industry professionals as “The Don of Franchising”, Sary Hamway is a winner of several international and regional professional awards in the Middle East, North Africa, and South East Asia. With an accumulated experience of hands-on franchise training and consultancy practice of more than 32 years, Sary is recognized as the foremost authority of franchising in the Middle East. Sary currently provides specialized franchise training courses and is a highly sought-after speaker at major franchise seminars worldwide. Sary works with governmental and semi-governmental firms in various countries to utilize franchising as a means of economic growth through supporting small & micro business development, transfer of knowhow, and nationalization of jobs.


Nov 26, 10.55 AM - Panel Discussion: Franchising Outlook & Opportunities in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)