Sasidharan Unnithan

Founder & Managing Director, FightZone

Sasidharan Unnithan is fitness industry executive with over 18 years of experience in the management and operation of multinational fitness corporations.

In his many roles in the fitness industry, he has overseen all aspects of a business that covers three department Membership Sales, Personal Training and Operations, mainly with the focus on developing high impact marketing strategies, driving significant revenue growth and increasing operational efficiency.

In his previous roles, he has worked with a number of different owners and had been handed responsibility of steering growth in the personal training department. Initially, in educating trainers and later in growing the personal training business in multiple locations in 2 different countries.

Currently having his sole focus on building a fitness brand he founded and grew in Singapore, he hopes to take it to a new level with a business model that is cost efficient and sustainable in the new era of fitness concepts that is growing around the world. The concept of Fightzone was conceived in Singapore and started with 1 location in 2018. With a combination of movement, resistance and Muay thai planned into their workouts that changes daily, no class times and a conveyor belt system, it caters to all fitness levels, with every member being heart rate tracked and monitored by a trainer on the floor.


Nov 25, 15.10 PM - Panel Discussion: Reimagining Wellness - Pivot, Grow & Thrive in 2021 & Beyond