This is a question that all budding entrepreneurs would have planned for even before they decide what food to serve on their menu. Some people would say that price is a huge deciding factor, while others rival that argument to say it is important to be “insta-worthy”.

Take it from a team that has been on both ends of the debate, your winning formula lies in understanding and identifying your niche in the industry; building a differentiating core to keep you impressionable.    

Omoté started at a 250sqft lot with no signboard, and room for only 12 seats. We were a hole-in-the-wall place that you had to actively hunt for in order to find. And yet despite being a small establishment, you’d remember us by our hearty bowls and polar bear chopstick sleeves that greet you at the table. Our vision and brand direction was very clear – to be a contemporary restaurant designed for the modern consumer. 

We experimented with cooking techniques stemming from various cuisines, incorporating different ingredients and preparation methods to make it uniquely ours. We didn’t follow rules or common norms – it started on a blank canvas and from there the signature Omoté flavor was born.

Food shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and the ability to innovate and create is the approach we take with every menu curation. We formulate dishes that are bold and unexpected; and while customers may come from different backgrounds, the one thing that we can all agree on is good food. 

When you step into Omoté, it’s not your usual Japanese restaurant. You’re greeted by the Billboard chart toppers at the entrance, and while you are ushered to your seat, you glance around and find yourself pleasantly surprised at the amount of people already seated in the restaurant. You’ll hear laughter amongst friends, co-workers, business lunches, and occasionally find seniors sharing a meal after their weekly grocery run. This is when you find yourself intrigued by how the Omoté experience will surprise you.

At the table, our polar bear chopstick sleeve still greets you, albeit more stylish as its clothes change according to season – waiting for you to start your meal. You flip through the menu and find yourself spoilt for choice. A mental note to bring friends on the next round hits you, while you look around to see what others are having. With surrounding tables filled with food, you quickly place an order in hopes of a short wait. “Wow that was fast” – excitement ensues when your meal is placed in front of you, setting you up for your first instagram moment. A quick snapshot later, you pick up the utensils and prepare to take the first mouthful.

After a quick reflex nod of approval, you are pleasantly delighted to take the next bite.

This is how every customer has begun their journey with us, and why we have become one of the most followed restaurants on instagram in Singapore. 

You see, being a successful restaurant isn’t only about the food. It’s about the experience you deliver; how your brand is remembered. We’ve remained consistent trendsetters because of packaging, quality and flavours that have withstood even the test of a pandemic. The restaurant today, despite being able to seat over 200 guests per turn, is continuously gaining momentum with long queues forming on a daily basis filled with like-minded foodies excited to relive this dining experience again.

At Omoté, we’re not just a restaurant, we’re a lifestyle choice.