Duan Chun Zhen


 Duan Chun Zhen's broth is prepared using 23 spices in accordance with the complex recipes originated from Chongqing. Raw fatty beef is pan-fried before an assortment of spices and the famed Pi County soybean paste and Gangshan bean paste to bring out the heavenly aroma. Also, 23 spices and herbs including Sichuan pepper are added to the broth. 

Ms. Duan Chun Zhen sold homemade sauces and braised dishes on a bicycle at Hsinchu Air Base for more than a decade. As the third generation descendant of the family, founder grew up in a military dependents' village with her grandmother, Mrs. Duan Chun Zhen, and she was exposed to her Sichuan culinary skills since childhood. 

Franchise / Licensing Country
China , India , Indonesia , Japan , Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore , South Korea , Thailand
Min. Investment Required

US$50,001 - US$250,000

Key Message


  • In pursuit of extraordinary products and services.
  • Standardized production: Checkpoints are established to ensure reliable quality.
  • Sound employee training: Excellent food health awareness and operations are implemented.


  • The menu is for people of all ages.
  • With diversified choices.
  • The menu is changed regularly to maintain a sense of novelty.


  • The classic flavors present the authentic taste of Taiwanese street food. There is no need to travel abroad to enjoy original, rustic yet refined gourmet delicacies that redefine the meaning of Taiwanese cuisine.
  • Large chunks of beef and bone soup + 23 natural Chinese herbs are painstakingly stewed to replenish your vitality for the entire day.