Hsien Naidu


Company: Astreem Consulting Pte Ltd

Hsien Naidu, CEO, Astreem Consulting Pte Ltd.  has been growing brands and helping entrepreneurs regionally for over 20 years through franchising.  

To Hsien, Franchising is a Growth Vehicle for brand owners to scale their businesses and for budding entrepreneurs who wish to build their own franchise empires as franchisees. 

She finds the intrinsic satisfaction that comes with building successful brand growth with entrepreneurs is unparalleled and it is what drives her to keep pushing to discover innovative solutions.  

Hsien with a team of experts also developed TreeAMS – an integrated franchise management solution to help businesses improve operations, scalability, and profitability in a sustainable way. 



18 Aug, 16.05 PM - Panel Discussion: Essential Factors to Consider When Starting a Franchise Business